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Advertising agency, pharmacy,Product sales of all categories.
We have a good understanding of the Health-related products and business results.

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What is the first challenge in deployment in Japan?

   □Is it to find a business partner?
   □Is it to think about how much you can sell in Japan?
   □Even in any country, marketing in Japan is difficult, is not it?

   By doing test marketing, you can solve it.
   For test marketing, Crowdfunding is the best.

Sales activities in Japan, after experiencing test marketing, approaching consumers will succeed.

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In recent years, the most effective test marketing is Crowdfunding...

Test marketing before Multi-channel Customer Journey

Majour Crowdfunding service in Japan

We have numerous achievements in our company and our partners.

Please leave all subsequent sales strategies to us!

We support total from test marketing to subsequent sales strategies.

Majour Shopping EC mall in Japan

Of course EC sales promotion support is also done.
Even companies that already have Rakuten, Yahoo!, amazon stores do not necessarily sell good-response products immediately at malls with cloud funding. Therefore, while taking advantage of sales results in cloud funding, various measures leading to sales become necessary. Promotion such as WEB advertisement and tie-up with various media is also required for own site. Please consult us for a total support.

And we have many sales methods in Japan

Regardless of online sales or offline sales, advertisement policies that link SNS with new product releases and sales promotion events, other than advertisements and PR at WEB, are also effective for promotion. In addition, we are also helping to develop sales channels for products such as major chain stores and specialty stores, so please feel free to contact us according to the characteristics of purchased products.

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These are products we promote in Japan

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